Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken? The Best Ultimate Guide For 2022!

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken? Responsible pet owners must consider all of the ingredients used in the food prior to feeding the food for their pet. Teriyaki sauce is among the foods that appear healthy for dogs as it’s just sauce and meat in the end. However, is it considered to be unsafe for consumption by dogs?

Did you like eating food that is flavored with the teriyaki sauce? If so, then you’re think about sharing this wonderful Japanese recipe with your adorable animals (especially canines). 

Do Dogs consume Teriyaki Chicken?, or other foods that contain Teriyaki sauce? Keep reading to find the answer!

You love treating your pet as if it were your child and will give them food whenever you’re eating. You’re having steak for dinner? It’s likely that you’ll slice a few slices and give them to your pet (who’s likely to be waiting for you at on the dining table).

As pet owners you must be aware of the food you give your dog. While certain human food items are healthy and good for dogs, certain foods aren’t safe for dogs. This article we’ll examine whether dogs can eat chicken teriyaki.

Short answer to this question is no, your dogs shouldn’t and shouldn’t consume teriyaki chicken. Chicken is good for dogs because it’s an excellent sources of protein However, the teriyaki sauce can be dangerous and unfit for pets due to the following ingredients:

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken

Salt in Teriyaki Sauce

A large amount of soy sauce like the one in teriyaki sauce if consumed by dogs may cause salt poisoning. If your dog is allowed to eat even a teaspoon of soy sauce, and fails to immediately take a drink of water, he’s likely to get kidney damage or salt poisoning.

It is vital to realize that what appears to be an insignificant quantity of sauce made from soy for humans could be quite a bit for dogs. 

Based on the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources the dog that weighs around 35 pounds should take in less than 100 milligrams sodium per day. 

Therefore, if you have dogs of medium size even a tiny slurp Teriyaki sauce is extremely risky.

Consuming too much soy sauce could be harmful for humans. Even a small amount of soy sauce could be excessive and potentially dangerous for dogs.

If you give your dog teriyaki food you could put him at risk of contracting salt poisoning. Signs of salt poisoning include:


More thirstiness


Frequent urination



If your dog shows any of these signs It is recommended to take him to an animal vet.

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can dogs eat teriyaki chicken

Soy Sauce

The components found in soy sauce are hazardous to dogs, especially when consumed in large quantities. Soy sauce contains high levels of saltthat can cause vomiting, diarrhea as well as seizures and incoordination for dogs. Consuming too much salt may cause poisoning of dogs.

Furthermore, soy sauce has a substantial amount of amines, including histamine and tyramine. A high concentration of amines is recognized to have negative impacts on the nutritional status and palatability of dogs . They may also trigger food poisoning.


In general, sugar isn’t harmful for dogs. So long as it is consumed in moderation, sugar can give an immediate boost of energy to your dog’s friends. But, feeding your dog excessive amounts of sugar could eventually affect their health.

Like its effect on humans, the overuse of sugar may cause weight gain and reduce the life span of your dog. Apart from that, sugar can also cause a number of diseases, including diabetes and periodontal disease.


Xylitol can be used as an alternative to sugar in food and drinks. Although it is safe for humans this ingredient is harmful to dogs. Even tiny amounts can result in an extreme drop in blood sugar levels. It can also trigger seizures, liver damage or even death for dogs.

The most commonly reported signs of poisoning with xylitol among dogs is vomiting weakening, incoordination, and collapse. The greater the amount of xylitol that your dog has consumed the more severe the symptoms will become.


Garlic makes any meal taste and smell delicious But do you know that this ingredient can be harmful for your pet? According to research eating 15-30 grams of garlic can be dangerous enough to dogs. The dogs who suffer from sensitivity issues to garlic could begin to show signs even after eating less.

Consuming garlic can trigger hemolytic anemia among dogs. It is a serious condition which causes the body to lose it’s own blood cell. This causes your dog to fatigue more easily and to have white gums. Garlic toxicity may also cause additional symptoms, like abdominal pain, diarrhea lack of water, and decreased appetite.

What To Expect if Your Dog Consumes Teriyaki

If your dog consumes only a tiny amount of teriyaki it shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

Keep an eyes on him and keep an eye out for any indications, such as diarrhea or vomiting. If the symptoms continue for longer than 24 hours, bring him to the office of your vet or to an urgent vet’s clinic.

Sodium Poisoning in Dogs

Any amount of soy sauce that is greater than 1 teaspoon (4.93 milliliters) can be harmful to dogs. It could lead to the poisoning of sodium which could cause death in dogs, particularly smaller ones.

The dogs that consume large amounts of teriyaki can be exhibiting symptoms of sodium poisoning for example:

Heart rate that is fast


Muscles shake

An excessive thirst




If your dog is showing any of these signs you should go to an animal hospital right away. If your dog eats teriyaki which is containing xylitol, it’s time for urgently assessed at a vet hospital or clinic.

can dogs eat teriyaki chicken

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken?

Chicken is a fantastic pet protein source. It’s likely one of his top meats. Protein is an important nutrition element that is essential to the well-being of dogs, it’s not the only ingredient in teriyaki poultry.

Dogs should not eat teriyaki-flavored chicken. The simple chicken is safe for dogs, however the inclusion of teriyaki sauce makes it risky. Teriyaki sauce is high in levels of sodium and sugar that could cause health issues for your pet.

Teriyaki chicken smells and tastes delicious and your pet is likely to be noticing. Don’t allow his urge to indulge in this Japanese food, however, since it could cause grave health problems.

There are, however, ways that dogs can have meals similar to the teriyaki chicken that we’ll explore later in this section.

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Can Dogs Have Teriyaki Sauce?

Teriyaki sauce can be found in various dishes. You can find foods with Teriyaki sauce in it at the sandwich shop you love, Japanese restaurant, or even beef Jerky.

It’s not unusual for home cooks to grab the teriyaki sauce bottle to give their favourite meals a sweet kick that quickly transforms the blandest dish into something delicious.

It’s not just you who thinks it smells and tastes delicious. What is the reason a dog can’t resist one or two bites of your favorite teriyaki-seasoned food items when you’re not?

It’s difficult to determine if your food infused with teriyaki sauce is healthy or harmful for your dog.

Do dogs need to be fed the teriyaki sauce?

Teriyaki sauce isn’t something your dog is supposed to put in their mouths. Do you want to put it in your mouth? This is a topic to be discussed in a different manner.

Highly processed foods like teriyaki sauce are acceptable but in moderation. The issue is that most people don’t take them in moderate amounts. For your dog, as far as it is concerned it’s not suitable for the animal. If your dog eats one, pay focus on how they’re acting.

If you notice that your dog is acting sluggish or sick take them straight to the vet as timing is the most crucial importance.

What is teriyaki sauce? and what is its history?

Teriyaki sauce can be described as a Japanese-inspired sauce that is more sweet than the Worcestershire and soy sauces Americans are known to use. This sweet sauce can be served with chicken, beef vegetables, as well as other dishes.

The term “teriyaki” comes from something that is an Anglicized form of Japanese phrase “teri” which means shine as well as “yaki” which means broiled.

What are the ingredients of the sauce teriyaki?

The original teriyaki sauce is made of sugar and soy sauce, as well as mirin, and sake. These versions of teriyaki have a range of ingredients. Like all processed food items it is important to look closely at the label on the product to find out the ingredients in it.

The biggest food companies are skilled at sneaking something into food which would not ordinarily be found in it. There are two sauces called teriyaki that are available on nearly every supermarket shelves. It’s likely that the ingredients are alike.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken Bones?

No. Teriyaki chicken bones aren’t an exclusion as they may splinter and cause choking.

Furthermore, bones are hard to digest, and may cause constipation or obstruction.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken Skin?

No. Like all other parts that chickens consume, the teriyaki skin contains harmful preservatives that could cause severe sickness and even cause death. When your dog consumed any part of the chicken’s skin and you are concerned about it, seek veterinary immediate attention to prevent it from developing any unpleasant negative side negative effects.

can dogs eat teriyaki chicken

Can Teriyaki Chicken Kill Dogs?

Teriyaki chicken, in spite of the existence of numerous recipes available on the internet which claim that there aren’t any harmful ingredients is indeed poisonous.

The main toxic ingredient in the teriyaki chicken recipe is garlic, as well as brown sugar. Teriyaki marinade typically contains both of these ingredients in massive amounts to enhance flavor. Both of these ingredients are harmful to dogs.

The consumption of garlic may cause anemia that can lead to death in extreme cases due to the fact that it hinders the body of the dog from properly forming the new blood vessels. It happens because garlic is a source of thiosulfate, which blocks hemoglobin, the component in red blood cells from binding to oxygen.

It is also important to know that garlic can be toxic to humans.

That means that if you include teriyaki chicken in your food the dog is likely to consume it at any chance. A dog’s sense of smell is generally more advanced than ours. This means that it’s very simple to detect food items. The smell alone could entice the dog, and in no time they’ll be eating the chicken teriyaki.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken Without The Sauce?

Yes. You can let your pet to only eat the chicken, and then tell that he should not eat the teriyaki sauce.

It is an option when you’re trying to find an alternative method of making the teriyaki chicken recipe for your dog as it does not contain dangerous ingredients, minus the sauce, and is available in smaller portions too.

Sugar-free Teriyaki sauce that contains xylitol may harm your dog.

It is possible to think that the teriyaki sauces made without sugar are safe for your pet. It’s not the reality. The sauces contain xylitol with other harmful substances.

 Even though it’s not sugar-free does not mean it’s healthier for your pet or you. In this instance the sugar-free version of the teriyaki sauce can be even more harmful on your pup than the fully sugar-laden version.

How do you define xylitol?

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener, which has been linked to the death of dogs. It’s a toxin that can cause damage to the digestive tract; it can also cause liver damage. 

It’s essentially sugar alcohol. A lot of people make use of it since they believe it’s more beneficial than sugar. Personally, I’m one of those. Still, it’s a sweetener, and is best used in moderate amounts.

If your dog is fed an ingredient called xylitol, the primary sign is that he’s extremely energy loss immediately. Then, he might suffer an increase in blood sugar. 

This could trigger seizures or even an coma. If your dog has eaten this sauce, or any other food that has the ingredient xylitol, then you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. Don’t delay, as it could cause death very quickly.

Can Dogs Eat Baked Teriyaki Chicken?

Yes. Teriyaki chicken baked in the oven is free of dangerous ingredients like brown sugar and garlic, this means it’s safe for consumption by dogs.

You can give him a little of these if you’ve exhausted your dog’s food and you want to treat him treats.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken Wings?

Absolutely, however only cooked chicken wings teriyaki that don’t contain harmful ingredients or preservatives.

The idea of using chicken that has been deep-fried as a reward to your pet is totally acceptable, as it does not contain sodium nitrites. The skin is edible too.

Can Dogs Eat Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks?

It is true, only cooked (and removed bones) chicken, which doesn’t contain any harmful substances or ingredients.

It’s an excellent source of calcium to aid in strengthening your dog’s bones and teeth.

It should be noted that baking chicken with skin still on is a great source of protein and has no sodium nitrites. The skin is also edible.

can dogs eat teriyaki chicken

Final Thoughts

We, as pet parents want to share our passion for food with our furry companions. Certain food items, however, could put your pet at risk for instance, Teriyaki can be one of them.

The ingredients contain excessive amounts of sugar and sodium in addition to other hazardous substances.

While a small amount the teriyaki sauce is unlikely to hurt an animal however, it takes only a few minutes for him to wolf down a substantial portion. 

The most effective method to let your dog take pleasure in your love for Asian food is to prepare an animal-friendly version of the sauce.

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