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As you imagine eating out at home, What do you think of?

For a lot of Americans the answer is likely to be some variant of chicken. If it’s baked, fried, or fried or served with noodles or rice there are plenty of chicken dishes that are now essentials for those seeking an easy snack.

One such dish is the orange chicken, a dish which is well-known in Asian food for a long time, but only recently become popular within America. United States.

Many pet owners offer this item to their dogs which are beneficial for them, but not so for dogs. There is a different metabolic process in dogs when opposed to human beings. 

This is why, before you introduce any new foods to your dog, it is essential to be aware of all the negative consequences or health benefits, whether this food is safe for your dog or not.

If you’re an avid fan of Chinese food, odds are you’ve had the chance to taste the famous chicken dish made of orange that can be purchased in take-out restaurants or cooked at the home.

Pet owners are known to love sharing our food with their pets However, can dogs consume chicken that is orange? Can it be considered healthy?

Let’s look at what’s in the orange chicken , first.

can dogs eat orange chicken

What is an orange chicken? – can dogs eat orange chicken

It is an Asian fast food that consists of fried and battered chicken coated in sweet chili sauce and sweet orange. It’s sticky, sweet, and tangy at the at the same time.

The citrus sauce is created of soy sauce, orange juice as well as garlic, ginger as well as chili powder. Chicken is broken into bite-sized pieces, and cooked until crisp.

The most important ingredients of an orange chicken are:

* Skinless chicken
* Salt
* Pepper
* Cornstarch
* Flour
* Egg
* Oil
* Sugar
* Orange juice
* Whitedistilled vinegar
* Soy sauce
* Sesame oil
* Garlic
* Ginger
* Chili flake

Can dogs eat orange chicken?

Yes, they are allowed to eat orange chicken, however the quantity should be moderate. You can eat up and a half pieces chicken in orange. 

The amount isn’t enough to harm dogs. The ingredients in the orange chicken do not contain any poisonous ingredients.

If taken in large quantities and in large amounts, it’s not suitable for health. Orange chicken is produced by panda express. it has sugar, calories and fats with a high amounts. 

Consuming too much can lead to obesity, diabetes and weight gain.

The article we’ll examine whether dogs can take in the orange-colored chickens, what signs are when dogs consume orange chicken in large quantities the best time to talk to your veterinarian.

Dogs consume the orange chicken that is sold by panda express and other related issues. Let’s get into the specifics of this subject.

There are many aspects to consider when the issue of dog food that is human-friendly. It is essential to know whether the food is thoroughly made or cooked, if it contains added flavor, chemicals that may harm dogs, or even not.

While it is usually advised that humans do avoid feeding their dogs raw food items, chicken that is orange is cooked and is safe to consume.

The orange chicken dish is popular Chinese dish made up of oven-baked or deep-fried chunks of white meat chicken that are crispy covered in a sweet orange sauce. 

It is very well-liked by Asian restaurants across America. United States, and is typically served with white rice.

The sauce that is used for this dish usually consists of a mixture consisting of soy sauce and orange juice ginger, sugar and garlic.

This dish is in the Hunan Province in China, the place where it was developed in the early 1980s. It gained popularity in America due to its sweetness and flavor, and also because of its contrast against other Chinese foods.

Then, Panda Express picked up its flavors and added it to their menu under the name “Panda Express Orange Chicken”. This recipe is a huge hit and is loved by foodies.

Also, obviously, people want to know if they feed this food to their pets or not.

Although, we have covered the answer earlier in this article, we’ll look at the ingredients and whether they’re suitable for your pet or not and what amount they will take in.

can dogs eat orange chicken

Can Dogs Eat Orange Chicken?

Yes, dogs can consume orange chicken, however the amount of food should be controlled. Do dogs get to eat chicken that is orange? There are a lot of ingredients in the chicken that aren’t suitable for dogs.

 If they are fed in tiny quantities, they will be able to handle the food without issue. If you feed them too much the risk is that it could result in overweight and other health problems.

Can dogs be fed orange chicken? They can be fed in moderate amounts since omega 6 and omega 3 is found in them, along with fat acids. 

These nutrients are beneficial to joints, skin and the health of the brain. However, substances like fats are found in large amounts. This can cause excessive weight gain and can result in weight gain.

If dogs suffer from obesity, they put pressure on their weight-bearing joints. Therefore, dogs have difficulty moving. 

There is decreased activity in dogs suffering from the illness. Obesity can cause other problems, including liver, kidneys, and heart issues. It is also possible to notice breathing problems in dogs when they are overweight.

The high sugar content is found in the orange chicken. There is also the possibility of developing diabetes in pets who consume too much orange chicken. 

When dogs consume chicken in large quantities it is possible to suffer from acute pancreatitis. In this case there is inflammation in the pancreas and there is self-digestion of the pancreas.

One of the main reasons for pancreatitis is the fat content of dogs. When dogs consume diets that are high in fats the can develop pancreatitis, as well as another stomach problem. 

It is possible to consult your vet regarding this condition. There are numerous treatment options like IV fluids as well as anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers to treat pancreatitis.

It is important to provide them with food that is rich in all the essential nutrients in a healthy quantities. If there is an appropriate diet for dogs the dogs won’t have any problems with their development or growth.

 It is important to consult with your veterinarian prior to introduction of any new diets for dogs. A healthy, balanced diet is the most effective diet for dogs, if you’re looking to ensure your dog’s health.

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Is Orange Chicken Bad For Dogs? – can dogs eat orange chicken

The problem with chicken that is orange is that, just like regular chickens, it is made up of bones.

Can dogs eat chicken that is raw because the bacteria that live in uncooked food could affect their digestive system.

However, cooked bones are more hazardous because they could break easily and puncture your dog’s intestines during eating.

If you find yourself tempted to feed your dog a portion of the chicken’s orange, make sure that you take out any bones prior to eating it.

Don’t feed them chicken with oranges more than twice every week. Each time you feed them, only two or three pieces at most.

The Fats Add up

Chicken thighs with skinless: Orange chicken is usually produced using skinless chicken this is a plus to its advantage for health.

The recipe, however, uses the thigh part of the chicken , or any other dark meats instead of the breast, which is much less lean. 

This is a matter of flavor and affordability motives, since breast meat is also more expensive and less juicy and tender than the thigh.

The dark meat of chicken contains more fat than breast. In reality that same quantity of dark chicken has 3 times the amount of saturated fat and fat in the breast meat. is packed with.

The flour and cornstarch: Cornstarch along with flour by themselves have no fat content. They are however composed almost entirely of carbohydrates, which when consumed in excessive amounts results in an increase in fat storage and weight growth.

The flour and cornstarch are mixed with eggs, salt and pepper white to form the deliciously crisp batter. The batter is then used to coat the chicken pieces in a perfect coating and ready for frying.

Oil: Finally remember the oil vat in which the chicken is cooked in. Much of that oily goodness will get sucked into the batter and, if you’re lucky enough to spill the dish and it gets sucked into the bowl through your pet.

can dogs eat orange chicken

Too much fat Bad for Dogs

Fat is a fascinating thing with canines. A small to moderate amount of fat is essential in the diet of a dog to ensure the overall health of. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as collagen are particularly beneficial for skin, the brain as well as joint health.

But, too much fat can lead to weight gain. This can result in a lot of stress on joints across the body and organs like the kidneys, liver and the heart. The symptoms will include like a lack of movement or breathe, heavy breathing difficulties and heart problems.

Body composition in a dog is likely to change when lean muscle is replaced by fat tissue and if it gets serious, they might be affected by life-changing illnesses like diabetes and obesity.

Consuming too much fat quickly could place your dog at a high danger of developing chronic pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas suddenly becomes affected when the pancreas starts digestion.

There are believed to be various possibilities for the cause of pancreatitis in dog breeds, the one that is the most frequent is due to obesity or a diet that is high in fat. If the condition is severe condition, it could cause depression, shock or even death.

The most frequent signs of pancreatitis are

  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • A loss of appetite

The most severe cases of pancreatitis require treatment with painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications and IV fluids administered by the vet.

In the majority of cases dogs recover from time off, allowing the body to heal itself. It could mean going without food, or consumes only meals that are easy to digest for a couple of days. 

The long-term prognosis for dogs suffering from pancreatitis is positive, even though they could be more susceptible to future episodes.

This means it’s best to steer clear of feeding your dog food that is high in fat all over the world and only feed it only vet-approved diets specifically designed especially for dogs!

can dogs eat orange chicken

Can Puppies Eat Orange Chicken? – can dogs eat orange chicken

If you dog an infant, you shouldn’t offer them food containing bones.

This includes chickens that are orange Keep the orange chicken away from them until they’re fully developed.

Dogs shouldn’t consume orange chicken as their stomachs have a high degree of sensitivity. If your dog eats orange chicken, they could experience vomiting and diarrhea. 

The poisoning of garlic and onions can cause fatality to dogs in extreme circumstances, so any food product that contains the harmful ingredients must be kept away from your pet.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Orange Chicken?

If it only eats a piece or two, it’s nothing is really. Your dog is likely to be perfectly content and has just had to enjoy delicious food in the least, at least according to dog standards.

Be sure that you’ve provided plenty of clean and pure liquid for your pet to drink any time it’s thirsty. If you’d like to be extra cautious you can feed your dog a simple diet of rice and boiling meat that day.

If you put a bowl of chicken that was orange-flavored in the kitchen, then went for a shower then returned to it , completely disappearing without trace, then you’ll need to keep an check on your dog during the next couple of hours.

It is important to watch particular for symptoms of salt poisoning as well as pancreatitis. 

If your dog begins to vomit, becomes agitated and has stomach pains or display any other symptoms mentioned in the preceding sections, then you should take it immediately to a veterinarian.

can dogs eat orange chicken

Can Dogs Have Panda Express Orange Chicken?

Do your dog’s eyes give you those adorable puppy eyes each time you order something Asian quick food at Panda Express?

Panda Express is a dog-friendly restaurant that offers many tables outside However, the food that they serve are not suitable for consumption by dogs. It includes orange chicken, Pacific chili shrimp, and beeeeggplant tofu.

What happens when my dog eats too much chicken that is flavored with orange?

A large amount of orange chicken in the dog’s diet could cause serious health issues. A couple of pieces are not likely to cause harm, unless the sauce is laced with garlic, which is harmful for canines. 

If your dog is sick or has stomach discomfort after eating chicken with orange and mutton, you should only provide him with a simple diet over the next 24-48 hours.

Sal poisoning

Canines should limit their consumption to less than 1.5 grams of salt for each kilogram of body weight. Chinese foods, such as orange chicken, may contain very high amounts of salt. 

The symptoms of salt poisoning can include drinking plenty of fluids as well as confusion, extreme thirst and urination, seizures or an inability to focus and appetite. 

Salt poisoning is a medical emergency that requires immediate veterinary guidance. Treatment options will differ depending on the amount of salt consumed.

 In mild instances allow your dog to consume small amounts of water that is fresh regularly will allow your dog to naturally flush salt out of his system.

 In extreme instances, your dog could be admitted to a hospital to receive oxygen or intravenous fluid therapy.


Diets high in fat can cause dogs’ pancreas to get affected. Common indicators that your pet is suffering from pancreatitis are:

* Vomiting
* Diarrhea
• Loss of appetite
* Fever
* Lethargy
* Abdominal pain

Pancreatitis is a life-threatening condition in dogs and must be treated as an emergency medical situation.

Obesity and weight gain

In general, the increase in weight in canines is caused by an excessive calorie and fat diet, and insufficient exercise. Dogs with obesity are more likely to develop certain cancers or diabetes, as well as heart disease.

Is Orange Chicken Bad For Dogs?

Can dogs consume orange chicken? The orange chicken is safe for dogs if you take only the prescribed dose recommended by veterinarians.

 As we all know, there is a significant amount of fat that is found in chickens that are orange If dogs consume greater than recommended amounts there’s a high amount of fat levels in blood. 

If there is a significant fat quantity in blood, it will result in high levels of blood cholesterol.

A high blood cholesterol level in the blood is hazardous for all living things. It makes blood more viscous, which means that the blood won’t circulate as well within veins. 

There could be the creation of blood clots that could lead to bleeding.

A high level of cholesterol in blood may also cause the development of high blood pressure. The high blood pressure could cause severe heart problems such as heart problems myocardial infarction and other health issues.

When dogs consume too much orange chicken, there are a lot of chances for pancreatitis. It is a serious situation for dogs. There are many signs that suggest that your dog suffers from pancreatitis. Here are the signs of pancreatitis.

  • Appetite loss
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain

If you experience any of these symptoms or all of them, it is a sign that your dog has pancreatitis. Consult immediately with your vet for help in saving your pet’s life.

can dogs eat orange chicken

Why Is Sugar In Orange Chicken Bad For Dogs?

Can dogs consume orange chicken? Chickens that are orange contain sugar in high quantities. When there is a lot of sugar in a product it is a sign of excessive weight gain in these living things. 

Consumption of sugary foods is not recommended for dogs that are weak and don’t would like to see their dog’s weight gain.

When there is an excessive consumption of sugar by dogs, they will develop diseases such as diabetes. If they already suffer from diabetes, they shouldn’t be feeding them foods that have high sugar levels.

 If not, it can be fatal if there’s an excessive amount of sugar in the body.

If there is a significant sugar level in blood, the kidneys will not be able to eliminate excess sugar from blood. A high level of sugar in blood is referred to as hyperglycemia. 

The condition can cause renal problems and could result in renal failure.

The cause of diabetes is the pancreas’s dysfunction and kidneys. In diabetes, the kidneys do not produce the insulin which lowers the level of sugar within the body. If there isn’t any creation of insulin dogs suffer from diabetes.

Sugar in the diet may cause tooth decay in dogs. If there is a lot of sugar content in the diet teeth start to decay as a result of a variety of bacteria. Bacteria begin to decay enamel and coating of bone.

Sugar and fats make the orange chicken inedible for dogs as both of these substances could harm dogs’ health. That’s why only a small amount is needed for dogs. 

Soya beans and salt both have high sodium salt levels. If there is a large level in salts, they could cause high blood pressure as well as stomach ailments. 

Salt intake can cause dehydration. In this case, there’s an insufficient amount of water within the body.

The following are signs to look out for if dogs eat chicken that is orange in excessive amounts.

  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms
  • Appetite loss
  • Balance loss
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Tremors

Orange chickens and dogs

While small quantities from orange chicken and Kung Pao chicken aren’t likely to cause serious harm to your pet It’s not recommended you feed them. 

There are many healthier human-based foods you can feed your dog that will not cause him to become sick or create serious health problems in the long run like obesity.

 Always seek out a veterinarian’s advice prior to introducing new foods into your dog’s diet.


If you were to find out the definitive truth about whether dogs are allowed to eat chicken that is orange The obvious answer would likely be no. .

The excessive fat and sugar levels prove this they aren’t suitable for dogs to consume even in small quantities. 

Consuming too much sugar and fat could cause acute issues like pancreatitis, and longer-term issues such as diabetes and obesity.

If your dog is giving you the most adorable puppy eyes can be found and you cannot resist, offer it a small portion of the Panda Express delicacy at most and then direct it towards the water bowl.

Nothing wrong with an occasional treat your dog gets However, the best way to ensure that it has an extended, healthful and happy life is to give it the food is what it was meant to feed on.

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