Can Dogs Eat Grapes ? The 2022 Ultimate Guide !

Can dogs eat Grapes ? We all know what it feels like: when your dog eats something that he shouldn’t. Sometimes the problem is minor and we can wait until the results are known. Other times we have to take our dog to the vet. Some fruits and vegetables can be great healthy treats for dogs. However, not all produce is the same. The top of the list? Grapes.

Grapes can be toxic for dogs, so pet owners should not feed their dog grapes. Even though your dog can eat tofu or ginger, ingesting even one grape can cause acute renal failure in all breeds. Grape products such as raisins, currants and seedless grapes can cause acute renal failure in dogs of all sizes.

Grapes are toxic and should be kept out of reach by dogs. Grapes, such as trail mix, raisins, and some cereals, should be kept out of your dog’s reach. Ask your house guests not to feed your dog grapes or any other human food. You should immediately take your dog to the vet if they eat grapes.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes ? How do Grapes Affect Dogs

Grape consumption can cause kidney damage in dogs and even lead to kidney failure. Grape poisoning and raisin toxic symptoms in the early stages, such as vomiting, difficulty breathing and abdominal pain, can occur within 2-24 hours. Symptoms of kidney disease that are more severe usually appear within seventy-two hour of ingestion. These symptoms include loss of appetite and irregular urination patterns, as well as dehydration (described by dryness and excessive thirst).

can dogs eat grapes

Grapes are bad for dogs.

These fruits can cause kidney damage in dogs that eat grapes and other grape-related fruits. Raisins and grapes can essentially damage the mechanisms, the cells that process and remove toxins from the body. These results can cause upset stomachs or even death.

Grapes are toxic to dogs

Yes. Grapes can be fatal to dogs. Dogs can be poisoned by grapes as soon as six hours after eating them. This is why it is important to act quickly. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry because death is the worst-case scenario. We want to get to the dog as quickly as possible to increase the chance of him/her surviving and overcoming this emergency.

What to do if your dog eats grapes

These are the instructions for dogs who ate grapes.

  1. 1. Contact your veterinarian. Call your vet immediately if your dog is seen eating grapes or if you suspect that they are doing so. You can also call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center to determine if your pet is suffering from a toxic reaction.
  2. 2. Take your dog in to a veterinarian. If your dog has symptoms of grape poisoning, you should immediately seek veterinary attention. If necessary, take them to the veterinary emergency department.
  3. 3. Get them treated immediately. Most veterinarians will induce vomiting in dogs that eat grapes. Then, activated charcoal is applied to the dog’s stomach to prevent any absorption. To reduce kidney damage, the veterinarian may use intravenous fluids.
  4. 4. Run tests. To determine kidney damage, your veterinarian might run a urinalysis (or urine test) or blood tests.
  5. 5. Take your pet with you to the hospital. After treatment for grape poisoning, your dog will need to stay at the hospital for several days so that the veterinarian can monitor them. They will continue to monitor your dog’s progress and do blood tests.

 This article is intended to be informative and not replace medical or dietary advice.

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Grapes for dogs: How toxic are they?

Small Animal Toxicology gives a rough estimate for the toxic level of grapes and raisins in dogs: 3

How many grapes are toxic to dogs?

The following is a general rule of thumb to help you determine when dangerous dosages might begin:

For a 10-pound dog, 1 or 2 grapes

For a dog 20 pounds or more, you will need 3 to 4 grapes

Grape Toxicity in Dogs: Signs and symptoms

Grape toxicity can cause a variety of symptoms in dogs:

Vomiting/or diarrhea




Abdominal pain

Fluid cessation: Will not drink water or urinate.

No appetite



Breathing difficulty

Failure of the kidneys

There is always the possibility of death, depending on how much you eat. Grapes can cause death in dogs.

Grape Toxicity Treatment in Dogs

What happens to a dog that eats grapes

Ingestion of grapes or raisins should be treated as an emergency.

Treatment should be started immediately:

If vomiting occurs within two hours of ingestion, activated charcoal is administered and the veterinarian staff induces vomiting.

Intravenous fluids can be administered for up to 48 hours.

For 72 hours, blood chemistry panels are tested.

You may also consider urinalysis or kidney medications. An ultrasound can be used to measure the size of your kidneys and search for mineral deposits.

Even if your dog doesn’t have any symptoms , it is important to visit the veterinarian. It is possible to delay kidney damage, but it is better for your dog to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Grape Toxicity Prevention in Dogs

Grape poisoning in pets was first recognized many years ago by reports of sick dogs.

The common factor in the ingestion grapes or raisins was a common one, and both veterinary professionals as well as pet owners have tried to spread the word about it since its discovery.

Grapes and raisins should not be left on countertops or in open pantries, where dogs might find them.

Same goes for cats: raisins and grapes are poisonous to cats

What to do if your dog eats a grape

If your dog has been eating grapes, you should immediately contact your vet. As long as your dog is awake and alert, your vet may recommend vomiting.

Grape ingestion is not an antidote. Your dog may be induced to vomit by the veterinarian. If this happens, activated charcoal can be given to the dog to absorb the toxins. In the event of kidney failure, the vet will also place the dog under observation.

How to Prevent Grape Poisoning In Dogs

To prevent your dog from eating toxic food, you should stop them from consuming it. Before you give food to your dog, make sure you read all the ingredients. People who visit your home should know that grapes, raising and other substances are not allowed for your pet.

It can be fun to give dogs treats that are not intended for humans. However, it is best to limit their exposure to dog foods and other dog-approved treats.

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Grapes are dangerous for dogs.

Grapes can cause kidney disease in dogs if they are ingested. All grapes, regardless of their color, can be cooked, dried, seeded or seedless, and peeled. Grape juice, wine, can also be dangerous for your dog. Sugar and alcohol can cause diarrhea. Grape toxicity can be caused by a variety of factors, but most cases involve dogs who eat a lot of grapes. However, there have been some cases where dogs were only able to ingest four or five grapes.

Keep grapes out of reach of your dog by keeping them in sealed containers. You should supervise children who are eating grapes with your dog, and tell them not to share the grapes with you.

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